Steve Hall

Holden Street Theatres & Avalon Promotions Ltd Presents.  Adelaide Town Hall - Banqueting Room, Feb 28 – Mar 13

UK funny man Steve Hall keeps you chuckling in “Live”, a comic take on family and romantic love.  He delves into the challenging, but ultimately rewarding relationships he has with his eccentric father and hilariously straight-up Australian wife.

A Fringe regular since 2007, Hall serves up uncomplicated and entertaining wit that’s very approachable.  His geeky statue with its thin slice of social awkwardness is a perfect match to his material and style.  Having said this, a great comedy set is slightly let down by a delivery that just seems to lack something.

One gets the feeling that Hall’s stand-up belongs in a lively pub or bar, somewhere you can sit with friends, drink in hand, and enjoy the humor amidst the atmosphere.  As just one man on a theatre stage, scrutinized by your full attention, you become aware of thoughts like “that last gag was very funny, why aren’t I laughing that hard?”

Don’t be put off though; this is a small criticism and there is plenty of fun to be had.  The show gets straight into the funny stuff and Hall bounces well off audience interaction.  Like an old-school comedian there is no glamour or theatrics hamming up the performance, Hall allows the jokes to speak for themselves.  You warm to him quickly and find yourself laughing along in mutual understanding and empathy.

A great show worth heading out for, despite the sedate environs of the Adelaide Town Hall.

Nicole Russo