The Scientific Bubble Show

Scientific Bubble Show Adelaide FringeAdelaide Fringe. Burnside Community Centre. 16 Mar 2019


Graeme Denton, aka Marty McBubble, has serious bubble-making pedigree. Since 2017, he has been the proud holder of the Guinness World Record for the largest free floating soap bubble (indoors). 


In The Scientific Bubble Show, he demonstrates his impressive skills with an array of large, beautiful, and gravity-defying examples. In setting up each of his "experiments", Denton takes every opportunity to share his encyclopaedic scientific knowledge in a fun and engaging way.  In return, his audience of mini scientists are wide eyed and eager to test each hypothesis.


This show is a wonderful hour of educational entertainment.  McBubble has great rapport with pre- and primary school age children, and keeps the show humming along at a good pace.  The kids are excited, calling out answers and scrambling to be a part of the onstage experiments. 


The hour is gone in a flash, and everyone is smarter for attending.  Highly recommended.


Nicole Russo


When: Closed

Where: Burnside Community Centre

Bookings: Closed