Big Tops & Tiny Tots Circus Show

Big Tops Tiny Tots Adelaide Fringe 2019Adelaide Fringe. Empire Theatre at Gluttony. 16 Feb 2019

Roll up, roll up - the one-woman Big Tops & Tiny Tots Circus Show is in town!

Written and performed by circus veteran and coach, Luth Wolff, the show combines slapstick comedy and good old fashioned tricks with some great take-home messages. Wolff easily keeps the attention of her young audience with a mix of juggling, magic, hula hooping, and a particularly impressive display of unicycle skipping.

Wolff cleverly sprinkles the educational elements of her show amongst the frivolity, opening with question-and-answer on how to be a good audience member. She regularly involves the children in the performance, getting a lucky few onstage and offering tips on how to achieve basic circus skills at home.  Everyone gets the opportunity to join in from their seat with singing, counting, and a loud and frenetic session of spinning-plate monitoring at the close of the show.

Wolff is an experienced and engaging children's performer, making the Big Tops & Tiny Tots Circus Show a fun and worthwhile afternoon out for the under-7's.

Nicole Russo

When: 16 Feb to 17 Mar
Where: Empire Theatre at Gluttony