Kids Comedy Gala

This popular show is a children’s version of the classic “best of the fest” variety act.  On an intensely hot afternoon in a sweatbox masquerading as a venue, we were heartily entertained by comedy from Mr Snot-Bottom's Stinky Silly Show (Mark Trenwith), trickery from Magic Brian, ab-lib musical genius from Abandoman, and acrobatics from the Pants Down Circus.


In between wiping sweat from your brow and fanning your face with your ticket stubs, you spared a thought for the performers who admirably caught and held the attention of a sub-10 years audience despite the conditions.  Continuous feedback in the form of laughs, applause and helpful heckling of the cutest kind was all the evidence you needed that the target audience were enjoying themselves.


Abandoman was a standout – his solo act was impressive and funny, leaving you keen to see his full show.  The Pants Down Circus was equally awesome and definitely worth checking out.


A nice afternoon out for families, though note the lack of air-conditioning and pick a cool day.

Nicole Russo

When: 17 Feb to 17 Mar
Where: The Garden of Unearthly Delights - The Vagabond