Celia Pacquola Delayed

Celia Pacquola is probably a stranger to you.  Well, actually perhaps not too much of a stranger – she has numerous television appearances on her resume including Good News Week, Spicks and Specks, Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight, Rove and The 7pm Project, as well as a starring role as EJ in the ABC TV comedy series Laid.    

Getting back to the point; despite not counting her in your clutch of besties, sitting in on one of her shows is eerily like a long overdue catch up with that hilarious, dorky, slightly crazy best friend you’ve known forever but that you just don’t see enough of these days.

After recently returning from one of those UK stints that verges on becoming an obligatory milestone for pre-30’s Australians, she is in Adelaide performing her latest comedy show, ‘Delayed’.  Taking a windy path it covers funny moments from her time in Britain and valiant attempts at a long-distance relationship with fellow comedian, Toby Truslove.

Pacquola impressively entertains with travel stories that avoid the thinly veiled “my time in London” insights we all know and hate.  In her wonderfully comfortable style, she imparts snippets of everyday hilarity with casual ease.  Even when jokes bombed, she managed to build on it until everyone was laughing along, never admitting defeat.

For those who think female comedians don’t cut the mustard, I challenge you to see this show.  Pacquola will prove you wrong.

Nicole Russo

When: 16 Feb to 2 Mar
Where: The Rhino Room
Bookings: adelaidefringe.com.au