The Big Top. The Garden of Unearthly Delights. 16 Feb 2013

As the title suggests this show is a form of Colombian Circus; it is acrobatics with attitude; it is circus in the ghetto. Part hip-hop, part rap, and with plenty of Latin inspiration the high energy performance was enjoyed by the small Saturday afternoon audience.

Individually the performers were outstanding to watch. Their energy, physical fitness and technical ability was up there with some of the best I have ever seen. The ensemble work, however, lacked clarity in its direction and several numbers would have benefited from a cut and polish; particularly the group hip-hop dance sequences which had synchronicity issues. That’s not to say that the production was not wonderfully enjoyable; it just had a slightly disjointed feel which, in the heat of the very warm Big Top (upwards of 40 degrees), lost the audiences focus with long dance numbers that didn’t complement the overall production.

Vocally this production was on an entirely different level. All of the performers are accomplished singers, and it was easy to forget that the soundscape was being sung live.  Although it was predominantly not in English, the soundtrack which accompanied the acrobatics and dancing had the heart pumping and feet thumping in time. The skills of the acrobats to flip, spin and fly whilst continuing to sing only highlighted their fitness; the six packs and pecks on the taller lads made for some great eye-candy for the ladies too!

Overall this 75 minute show had a good hour of action packed acrobatics and edge-of-your-seat performance – check it out if you are in the garden and looking for a Latin inspired boost to your afternoon.

Paul Rodda

When: 17 Feb to 9 Mar
Where: The Big Top - The Garden of Unearthly Delights