Miss Coco Peru Is Present

Miss Coco Peru Is Present is a first rate study into everything you want in a very slick standup cabaret show.

A slap of drag; a bunch of laughs and shocks; a strong message; familiarity of the audience including clever references to Adelaide Culture; great songs; and well honed comic timing.

There is no doubt that Miss C is an international cabaret star - she works her audience as easily as she does her sensible 3" heels.

Her use of self deprecating humor (the occasional lapse into trashy Tranny Talk) along with anecdotes of life with her husband Raphael (he's from Spain), tortured life at school and snippets of advice from mum 'Helen' gives audiences of all persuasions something to hook onto.

Whilst not for the little ones, this show reminds us of the phobic times of not so long ago, how far we've come, and how much work there is to go.

Touching references to the late Bea Arthur round out this audience with a consummate professional.

David Gauci

When: Closed
Where: ANZ Hub - The Ballroom
Bookings: Closed