Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life

Walford Girls School.

When I was asked to again review Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life, I did not hesitate for a second. This production which has been worked, re-worked, expanded and re-written continues to impress, and is always improving. Writer/performer Amity Dry has added new numbers and altered others to better capture the characters and explore them in new ways.

Performed at the Walford Girls School to a group of alumni it was possible to count all of the men in the audience on one hand. That's not a criticism either, this show has definitely captured its market - and many have been heard to say they will be dragging their husbands, fathers and brothers back to see it a second time.

The four performers -Amity Dry, Nikki Aitken, Susan Ferguson and Rachel McCall – have not changed since the 2011 Fringe production, and truly embody their characters; with so many opportunities to explore, rehearse and perform this gem of a production. There has been some lovely development in the movement of the show on the stage with gorgeous bits of business adding to the action; new director Michael Hill has really aided the production to deepen its focus and message.

The band comprised of Joel Prime on drums, Shireen Khemlani on Bass under the musical direction of Mark Simeon Ferguson who also played keyboard were outstanding, and except for a late technical hiccup with microphones, the sound quality was also fantastic.

Dry has a lot to be proud of in this show, and it’s clear that she has put a lot of herself into the writing of it. Even if you have seen it before, I encourage you to get along and see it again, there have been some changes for the better, and the original heart-warming story is still in tact (and still likely to put a few tears in your eyes).

Check it out.

Paul Rodda

When: 4 to 20 May
Where: Walford Girls School
Bookings: motherwifemusical.com