Martha Wainwright

Martha Wainwright (Canada)

Bravely choosing a sit-down show on Stage 1, it the unenviable task of the Stage 1 MC to break the news to the hard cores lined up along the barrier. Surprisingly however, the gentle reminder went over with naught but some minor grumbling and all settled in to be wooed by the gorgeous Martha Wainwright.

A consummate musician and songstress with a wonderful stage presence, her genuine personality radiated through her performance.  Wainwright took the stage with just her acoustic guitar and a piano accompaniment, but was loved by one and all.

Her's is a style of music that everyone can enjoy; drawing from country and folk roots, it's not too much of either. A smooth, easy blend with strong appeal, the set featured a mix of tracks that included family tributes and covers of the likes of Edith Piaf. It was her original works that were most enjoyable however, and Wainwright left her audience enriched for the shared experience.

Nicole Russo