Dan Willis


Adelaide Fringe.  Tuxedo Cat.

Dan Willis is a busy man.  In addition to contributing to both ‘Best of the Fringe: Early Show’ and ‘Best Of British’, he is gracing the Tuxedo Cat with his mid-afternoon solo effort, ‘RadioHead Redux’, just for kicks.


Regularly performing to hundreds, Willis appeared completely unfazed at the 10 or so people seated in the comfy, if slightly derelict, lounge bar stage.  His unpretentious entry, with personal hellos and handshakes, immediately set the mood for a casual and cozy show.


As the title suggests, Willis regales us with his take on the iconic music of the 80s and 90s, wrapping his selections with hilarious tales that explain their significance to him.  From Adam and the Ants, Michael Jackson and Rolf Harris to Bruce Willis’s brief and mildly successful recording career (what the?!), Willis prevails with anecdotes and random facts that only a self-confessed music geek would know.


While this wasn’t a constant laugh-a-second show, it was one of the most enjoyable I’ve been to.  The hardest element of a 10-person audience is creating an atmosphere that everyone can feed off, yet this was no barrier for Willis.  He bounced on stage and used the intimacy of the gig as an opportunity to get up close and personal with his audience.


If you’re looking to be entertained and informed this is the show for you.  To any Dan Willis groupies out there, book now for a handshake from the man himself.

Nicole Russo