Diamonds Found In Dreams

Diamonds Found In Dreams Adelaide Fringe 2017Adelaide Fringe. Dream State Entertainment. 20 Feb 2017


Wandering the green fields of her father's proposed new mega mall and carpark, a child spots a strange looking circle.  Unwittingly, she steps into a Faerie ring and is shrunk into a world of mythical creatures, where she meets a faery and an elf who are trying to save their world from the bulldozers. 


Diamonds Found In Dreams is a collaboration between the experienced Dream State Circus husband-and-wife team, Jacob & Sophie McGrath, and the Diamond Duo sibling pair Calin & Arwen.   Together, the foursome present a fun and educational performance that highlights the science of climate change and the importance of sustainable living for modern families.  


Valiant in the face of an open-air theatre and unseasonably cold, wet weather, the show doesn't miss a beat.  The professionalism of the two tween-aged siblings is particularly impressive.  With buckets of talent and energy, they burst with confidence onstage and possess incredible acrobatic range.  The show features juggling, acrobatics and comedy, with a wonderful group performance in the final minutes that showcases the strength and agility of the whole cast.  


The performance feels a little loose and under-rehearsed, just needing a final lick of polish.  However, it is clever in blending circus-style entertainment with a solid take-home message - quite literally!  At the close of the show, the audience are encouraged to come forward and collect a sunflower seed and planting instructions. 


A lovely touch that concludes an energetic and informative show.


Nicole Russo


When: 20 Feb to 19 Mar

Where: Empyrean at Gluttony


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