Deflector The Gov 2018The Governor Hindmarsh. 23 Jun 2018


I’ve always got time for good rock music and for local bands who do their best to carry the rock music flame. Local crew Deflector are one such band who are building up a name for themselves, a steady following, and a growing cache of original tunes to boot.


Escaping the cold winter in the front bar of the Gov, Deflector attracted a decent crowd and were rocking everyone’s socks off! The four-piece play a decent mix of original tunes peppered with covers from mainly the ’90s, and an edge towards the more obscure.


With a killer guitar and vocals line-up, the band has a healthy dose of T-Rex style glam rock musical prowess, with Beatle-esque melodies, soaring guitars and a thumping funky bass. Covers of tunes like the Darkness’s I Believe In A Thing Called Love, Reef’s Place Your Hands, and Spacehog’s In The Meantime (what a killer song!) go down really well, exciting the crowd and getting them ready to soak up a bunch of original tunes. Interestingly, while the covers are obviously familiar and the original stuff less so, it’s the original music that’s most exciting and that showcases the band’s passion.


I’ve caught these guys a couple of times, and each viewing sees them stronger and tighter. As more original tunes make their way into the set, things will no doubt go from strength to strength. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Deflector again!


Luke Balzan


When: 23 Jun

Where: The Governor Hindmarsh

Bookings: Closed