Album Review: 10 Years – (How To Live) As Ghosts

10 Years How to live as ghosts

10 Years. Mascot Label Group. 25 Oct 2017


I’ve been involved with music ever since I was a youngster. Raised on a diet of classic rock, I quickly graduated to my own journey of self-discovery through rock, metal, reggae, world music and beyond. I take pride in my prowess and the musical respect I garner from friends. I also enjoy discovering new things, and for me, this latest offering from Knoxville Tennessee band 10 Years serves as an introduction to these guys, and I’m quite impressed.


Most interesting though is that while this is my first hearing of these guys, (How To Live) As Ghosts is the band’s eighth album, and they’ve had quite a healthy dose of success over the years. Obviously not so much here in Australia, at least to my knowledge, but judging by the strength of this album, I hope that’s a trend that’s about to change.


Stylistically they remind me of music from days gone by; the post-grunge vein with a hard inner core, melodic vocals and wistful hard-edged melodies. It kind of reminds me of stuff like A Perfect Circle or even a softer Deftones, and a more rough and ready take on modern rock. There’s plenty of appeal, and I find myself getting into the groove on the first listen or two.


The album opener The Messenger is an instant winner, setting the pace for things to come. Novavaine is a hard edged funky tune, balanced by the minor melody of Catacombs. Metal fans will be satisfied by Vampires, while diversity is the key on tunes like Lucky You and Halos. This is an album with lots of depth, and I’m sure I’ll find and discover new things the more I listen.


Certainly a great little release!


Luke Balzan


10 Years is an American alternative metal band, formed in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1999. The band consists of Jesse Hasek (lead vocals), Brian Vodinh (drums, guitar, backing vocals), Chad Huff (bass guitar) and Matt Wantland (guitar). (How to Live) As Ghosts, is the band's eighth studio album.


Track Listing
1. The Messenger
2. Novacaine
3. Burnout
4. Catacombs
5. Ghosts
6. Blood Red Sky
7. Phantoms
8. Vampires
9. Halos
10. Lucky You
11. Insomnia