Circus The Show

Circus The Show Her Majestys Theatre 2021Her Majesty’s Theatre. 27 Sep 2021


Roll up, roll up to Her Majesty’s Theatre for this holiday romp targeted at school age children. Circus The Show takes the big top on stage for 60 minutes of clowning, dancing, magic, and acrobatics and the kids lap it up!


Leaping onto the stage our Ringmaster, Justin Williams, is a shock of ragged dreadlocks reminiscent of Tim Minchin. He is besequined in Ringmaster-red and sports a top hat and a bottomless bag of fantastic dad jokes. Doubling as the stunt act, Williams is a rubber chicken, machete juggling, chair-stack balancing whiz.


Ably supported by Simon Wright as Clown, every act is hilariously ruined with over the top slapstick antics which culminate in a giant balloon swallowing trick to rival them all – and the balloon does all the swallowing!


Chelsea Angell astonishes the kids as the whirling and twirling, dizzying and dazzling hula-hooper and aerialist, who splits, spins, flexes and contorts her body in the aerial straps. She doubles as the beautiful assistant to Sam Hume the magician, Sam the Magic Man, when he makes her mysteriously levitate. Hume’s magically appearing bunny David Hopperfield hops to it, and his quick change outfit tricks, and flame transformations impress.


Local Adelaide brother and sister act Arwen and Calin Diamond of Diamond Duo defy gravity with their acrobatic couple's dance, showcasing shoulder and hand balances, leaps and twirls. Lyndon Johnson puts on a few twirls of his own oscillating all over the stage at dizzying speeds in the Cyr Wheel and Freestyle Basketball Manipulator Bavo Delbeke spins, balances and juggles multiple basketballs with apparent ease. 


With pressure from the Victorian lockdowns and border restrictions impacting cast availability, Circus the Show has filled those gaps wonderfully and given local talent a chance to shine.


It’s an hour of fun and laughter for the kids and not a bad afternoon's entertainment for the family, so get out and support the Arts this holidays with a ticket to this little-big top.


Paul Rodda


When: 27 & 28 Sep

Where: Her Majesty’s Theatre