The Circus – Australian Tour

The Circus adelaide 2022Weber Bros Entertainment. Bonython Park. 13 Aug 22.


The Big Top comes to Adelaide once more, with The Circus landing in Bonython Park. Calling Adelaide home for the second leg of their tour, the Weber Bros Entertainment group will be in town for just over 3 weeks.


Coming in at around two hours long the show is a mixture of death-defying stunts featuring highly technical apparatus and traditional circus variety tricks with a dash of slapstick between.


Set changes are complex and require a cast of thousands to move pieces into position, but this team have it down to a fine art. Keeping the audience entertained whilst sets are transformed are some incredibly talented circus clowns that dazzle with impeccably timed slapstick comedy routines that have the audience in stitches; a real favourite with the kids!


For the big tricks, apparatus such as the wheel of death, human cannon, BMX jump ramps, and the Globe of Death are wheeled out and assembled. The latter a white-knuckle, jaw-clenching performance that truly has one on the edge of their seat! Bravo!


It’s not all smooth sailing at this matinee performance, which really highlights the very real danger these talented performers are putting themselves in for our entertainment. Short delays to ensure crash mats are correctly positioned and safety harnesses to catch falling performers make the odd, entirely necessary, appearance.


There are also the more common aerial silk performances, trapeze acts, whip cracking and rope spinning, and hula-hoopers. A modern addition of LED-light dance performance is perhaps less successful given the proximity of the performers and daylight sneaking into the tent, but one expects this would really hit after dark.


The Circus is wonderfully high high-tech and still highly traditional. For that family experience to remember it is not one to be missed! Just be sure to dress for the wet; be that outside in the rain or around pesky clowns with water pistols. And don’t forget your welly’s. Bonython park is mighty muddy this time of year!


Paul Rodda


When: 12 Aug to 4 Sep

Where: Bonython Park – Under the Big Top