The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Adelaide Festival 2020Adelaide Festival. Patch Theatre. Queen’s Theatre. 25 Feb 2020


Geoff Cobham has had an illustrious career lighting up Adelaide high art since 1992, principally special events designing for the Adelaide Festival, as resident designer for the State Theatre Company of South Australia, and most recently, as Artistic Director of Patch Theatre since July 2018.


The Lighthouse is a triumphal exhibition of inventive virtuosity in the lighting department, but also an experiential interactive theatre piece complete with live and recorded soundtrack. The small audience is guided through a number of intimate rooms full of variations of all things light, with influences from Cobham’s considerable theatrical lighting design career.


Mirrors, lasers, miniatures and mime form an astronaut and fairy tale wizardesses. The sheer delight as you play hopscotch with beams is signaled by the squeals of amazement from the kids, as this is definitely a family-friendly event. Best not to describe, to preserve the element of surprise. When you exit into ordinariness, you’ll realise that an hour was not long enough. Bravo!


David Grybowski


When: 25 Feb to 7 Mar

Where: Queen’s Theatre