Trash Test Dummies

Trash Test Dummies Adelaide Fringe 2015The Garden of Unearthly Delights – Le Cascadeur. 28 Feb 2015


Dressed in workman’s overalls and ready to take out the garbage, the Trash Test Dummies tear up the stage in a bumbling, tumbling laugh-out-loud performance that only a blind-man would fail to enjoy.


Their key prop is your domestic wheelie bin from which they flip, juggle, balance, beat and hide throughout a myriad of skit length sequences. Jamie Bretman, Jack Coleman and Simon Wright are the three performers who dazzle us with their acrobatic skill and slapstick comedy.


Audience members aren’t safe from the action as the players traverse the auditorium chasing each other in and out of seated audience members. After challenging the audience to a ball fight, ducking and diving is in order when all the kids and most of the adults collect up the balls and return fire.


The story is quaint. The three friends look at various emotions including exclusion, love, enjoyment, grief and celebration. But there is never a dull moment in the journey and by the show’s end it is clear, everyone has had an amazing time.


Take the kids and don’t miss this show – there is nothing ‘rubbish’ about the Trash Test Dummies!


Paul Rodda


When: 25 Feb to 15 Mar

Where: The Garden of Unearthly Delights – Le Cascadeur