A Dolls House

The Stars of Burlesque. Nexus Cabaret. 3 Mar 2012


For the late, late show at Nexus Cabaret two renowned Australian Burlesque performers, one award winning Drag performer and a veteran boylesque artist brought a small quirky show to the Adelaide Fringe.

Compered by 2010 winner of Miss Burlesque Australia, the gorgeous Rita Fontaine (who is still disturbingly attractive when dressed as a man with a fake beard drawn on) handled the 90% interested 10% drunk and rowdy audience with consummate ease. A natural comedian, she took the proceedings in her stride, steering the show through audience heckles and technical issues like a true professional.

As a cabaret dancer it is clear to see why Fontaine has been a previous winner of the Miss Burlesque title. She aptly uses her sensuous and curvaceous body in the act of strip "tease" and definitely leaves her audience (men and women alike) wanting more.

Also performing in the show is burlesque beauty Flavella L'Amour, a "serpent dancing seductress" who gives a sexy strip whilst draped in an enormous python. L'Amour's first dance, whilst being technically excellent was a little flat on attitude, but she warmed up with the audience, and turned the sensuality on full by the end of the night.

2009 winner of Miss Drag, Kristina Creme was dressed in some beautiful gowns and wonderful costumes. Despite looking great she did seem a little disinterested in her performance, and would have benefited from an injection of passion and attitude.

The same need not be said for Herbie Strangelove, veteran boylesque performer, who more than lived up to his name with some seriously disturbing cabaret involving a costume sewn out of the heads and torso's of teddy bears worn over a red devil outfit which was dripping with theatre blood. Whilst Strangelove's routines were confrontational and edgy they were excellently performed and never felt bawdy or pointless.

Nexus's rostrum stage presented more challenges for the performers with its uneven surface causing a few high heels to come unstuck (or stuck as the case maybe) and the technical crew again missed the mark with sound levels and timing on lights (this seems to be a recurring theme at this venue).

Definitely a show worth seeing for fans of the burlesque genre. Rita Fontaine is a stunning standout, and worth the price of admission alone.

Paul Rodda

When: Closed
Where: Nexus Cabaret
Bookings: Closed