Amuse Bouche Talk Show Entertainment

For this years Adelaide Fringe, Never Ender Productions are producing one show that stands apart from all others promising variety at the festival.

*Amuse-Bouche (*French cuisine: a tiny taste or "mouth amuser" before a meal) is a show about giving audiences a sample of the Fringe Festival but rather than just a line-up of comedians, they've created a whole talk-show!

Each night audiences get to meet three different Fringe acts who will be interviewed by host, Pires Eddy. Artists will compete in games and give audiences a taste of their show- hopefully a sample so tempting that you buy tickets on the spot. With over 900 acts and events at this year's Fringe, audiences need a little guidance through the festival program and Amuse-Bouche are more than happy to provide it while having plenty of fun in a talk-show atmosphere complete with with a full rock band and cameras projecting live footage of the event so everyone can enjoy it.

Amuse-Bouche can be found at Gluttony throughout the Fringe with shows up until the 14th of March.

When: 28 Feb to 14 Mar
Where: Gluttony - Excess Theatre
Bookings: www.adelaidefringe.com.au