Leo Sayer

The Show Must Go On

Cabaret Festival. The Dunstan Playhouse – 16 to 19 Jun

The Dunstan Playhouse absolutely rocked to the stamping, clapping, jumping and dancing of the most enthusiastic audience I’ve ever seen at a sit down concert when Leo Sayer took to the stage.

The super charismatic performer had his audience in the palm of his hands as he charmed women and men alike with his genuine personality. The one hour performance seemed to fly by, with many disappointed to see him finally leave the stage at the end of the show.

Backed by his own band, Sayer sang rock songs, pop songs, and ballads for his adoring audience and they lapped it up, often getting out of their seats to sway and groove in the aisles.

Sayer interacted with the audience cracking ‘dad jokes’ all the way and revving the crowd non-stop with his upbeat attitude. Songs sung included ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’, ‘When I Need You’ and ‘Orchard Road’

Fans had arrived wearing curly afro wigs and carrying placards, and when Sayer took a walk through the auditorium shaking hands and hugging the crowd, the theatre was a buzz.

An absolute pleasure to watch, Sayer is the ultimate performer and could have filled the Festival Theatre had he been given the chance. Showing Adelaide how it’s really done, this is not a show you should miss. There are still a couple of performances to go so book a ticket now!

Paul Rodda