The Freak and the Showgirl

Flash in the Can. The Garden of Unearthly Delights - The Spiegeltent – 1 to 13 Mar

There is a certain level of expectation for a production that takes place in the Spiegeltent. It’s not a cheap venue to hire, so one would imagine that only the most professional and high quality act could afford such a place to stage their show.
9 out of 10 times, you’d be right. Thankfully – this show is one of the 9.

The Freak and the Showgirl stars world renowned burlesque performer Julie Atlas Muz and self-proclaimed freak Mat Fraser.

This is a singing, dancing, beer sculling and stripping extravaganza which is reminiscent of what you might have got in the 1902’s. Fraser has Phocomelia, from the Greek translation for “seal” because his arms resemble that of a seal’s flippers. Proud of the heritage of his profession, Fraser makes no qualms about his role in the sideshow industry, even giving the audience a brief history, and an enacted flash back of the life of a Freak and a Showgirl in the early days.  Never afraid of the microphone he has a wonderfully talented singing voice, and his sung interludes are very enjoyable.
Julie Atlas Muz, is a burlesque dancer, with a list of awards as long as her arm (not Mat’s), including Miss Exotic World and Miss Coney Island (Coney Island remaining the only permanently operating side show left in the world)

The duo deliver a barrage of song and performance, including striptease, which is classy and tasteful and in true burlesque style (at least… for the first half). Without giving too much away I can only recommend you go and see it for yourself.

Audience participation is encouraged, and the opening night audience revealed their own voyeuristic side, showing us more than just their beer sculling techniques, in a slippery orgy of madness tuned to the patriotic sounds of some Australiana music

This pair takes burlesque to the next level, and I challenge you to try not to laugh-out-loud. Seriously entertaining, adult good fun! It might even be described as “below the belt” – but they’re rarely wearing one!

Paul Rodda