Circus Trick Tease

Circus Trick Tease small

The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Circus Trick Tease is an acrobatic smorgasbord of strength, balance and skill as three performers incorporate an elaborate array of circus tricks into a neat little story of three-way love.

Strong Man Shannon McGorgan demonstrates his strength by lifting 4 audience members at once, but the really impressive tricks are always saved till last. With his girl side-kick and love interest, Malia Walsh, ever needy of her strong man’s love, and muted import Fahad Ahadi (handstand extraordinaire), always handy to prove that three is a crowd, this innovative circus performance proves that the theatrics of the circus are not dead!

This production has toured many of Australia’s largest festivals and continues to wow audiences at the 2010 Adelaide Fringe. The performers do not fail to impress, incorporating tricks such as balancing in headstand on top of each other. Walsh is positively effervescent when she smiles, but beware when it does not go her way, as the wailing cries of a scorned woman will have you fleeing from your seats!

Paul Rodda