Fat Lip Productions

Based on the true story of what happens to a family after the influence of drugs takes the life of someone you love. The show is played in a venue called ‘The Lipodome’ which unfortunately is acoustically poor, and with so much yelling from the actors, the dialogue is often completely inaudible. The cast however works very hard and there are standout performances by lead actor Vince Fusco as ‘Ben’ and Megan Morgan in the title role of ‘Stacy’, Ben’s sister, who dies. The rest of the cast were placed nicely in their roles and with the run of the season will become more comfortable in their parts.

The show was incredibly intense and could have benefited from more light and shade, the intensity however was not mistaken on the faces of several audience members who were moved to tears by the productions power. A promising show, with some great performances set in a disappointing venue. 2 ½ STARS

Paul Rodda