The Idols Idol

Chris De Havilland has created a story based on the character Kevin A Legend, who is a musician from the humble Australian town of Doyaflyup. He tells us how he as met and given songs to many of great singers in history – these include the Bee Gees, Roy Orbison, ABBA, Cher and Tom Jones. As he tells his story of fame and fortune Legend sings for us some of the numbers he wrote to help these legends of music take their careers to the top. The self confessed ‘world’s greatest impersonator’ take his show full circle, it could be said that sometimes it’s so bad - its good, and with his ‘dad joke’ humor Havilland does a pretty good job of keeping his audiences smiling. He is supported by the Sizzle sisters, who offer back up harmonization and occasionally lead the female numbers, but at times they appear unrehearsed and the performers keep looking to each other for timing and direction. Technically there were a few issues and overall the show did feel like it went a little long, it may have benefited from some cuts and fine tuning to the comedy but generally and entertaining evening. 2 STARS

Paul Rodda