Exposed Restless Dance Theatre 2022Restless Dance Theatre. Space Theatre. 6 Apr 2022


Being exposed to harm unwitting, being smacked hard by physical and emotional trauma, is a universal experience too many encounter.

If you’re disabled in any way, the take is frighteningly different.

Isolation is the difference.

Who will help me? Can I find help?


Exposed captures the rawness of isolated fear with complexly layered depths of expression, giving life to inner feelings at a moment of terror.


Collectively the creative team have melded production elements in such a way that from the very sound of the ensembles first breath behind the amazing stage size heat blanket scrim to the show’s gentle ending, focus in the movement is always on emotion, moment to moment.


Opening with each dancer spot lit as they change into the days clothes (Renate Henschke’s simple yet effective costumes) Geoff Cobham’s lighting and set can be said to be the eighth dancer of this production. The stage-size scrim has the power to reset space parameters, increasing the sense of safety or danger depending on how low it swings or tight it clutches over and around the dancers. Paired with Emily Tulloch and Hilary Kleinig’s beautiful score of violin and cello, the sense of inner emotion is profoundly amplified.


This day-in-the-life production explores the minutest terrors, both physical and emotional, in which the most necessary, yet hardest, thing is asking for help out of sheer shame or fear.


Michelle Ryan’s choreography develops this difficult dilemma so beautifully, with a number of rich dance phrases exploring the simultaneous need to hide vulnerability in a confronting situation, as much as to open up.

This is the essential theme to Exposed.

One of the simplest phrases of the work says it beautifully. Dancer Darcy Carpenter, a tiny powerful presence, walks downstage, taking the hand of a different dancer as she does so.

In this simple phrase, the capacity for help, security and the de-escalation of the fear of being exposed is expressed as something all are, and can be, part of.


Alongside Carpenter, Michael Hodyi, Bhodi Hudson, Alexis Luke, Madelene Macera, Michael Noble and Charlie Wilkins round out an outstanding ensemble of incredible dancers giving extraordinary expression to one of life’s hardest experiences.


David O’Brien


When: 6 to 9 Apr

Where: Space Theatre

Bookings: Closed