Peter Goers: Look Ma, No Hans!

Peter Goers Look Ma No Hans Adelaide Fringe 2019Adelaide Fringe. Holden Street Theatres. 23 Feb 2019


It’s amazing, year after year, Peter Goers finds more rabbits to pull out of his raconteur hat.


You’d think he’d run out of funny stories. But, no. This Fringe, he brings a fresh batch of anecdotes old and new, and despite the title of the show, none of them is about Hans.

Indeed, there is no Hans; just Goers appallingly attired in one of the spangly sparkly outfits Hans’s loving mum makes for Hans, who has his own Hans: Like a German show on at Gluttony this Fringe. If there’s a laugh in it, Goers has no shame. There’s a big laugh in it. Red spangles and tail feathers speak for themselves.


It’s one of those sights you can’t un-see.


Thereafter, clad in more elegant summery garb, Goers regales his audience with tales of adventures out on the speaker’s circuit, of Adelaide nostalgia, books, mischief, showbiz, and things that get up one’s nose.  He balances the funny with the poignant making it a pleasing emotional roller-coaster of vignettes, an hour of fun and amity. He’s been doing it now for decades.  He has a wealth of material. He’s good at it.


As his stage manager this year, he has the wonderful Singing Milkman, Robin “Smacka” Schmeltzkopf who not only works in the wings but gets to sing a number. It is a winning interlude and the audience adores him. 


Thus arrives another very nice afternoon of hearty giggles with Goers. 

Don’t dither about booking. It’s bound to be a sell-out like the others.


Samela Harris

4 ½ Stars


When: 23 Feb to 7 Mar

Where: Holden Street Theatres