Bubble Show: Milkshake and the Bubble Flower

Bubble and Milkshake Adelaide Fringe 2018Kurt Murray. The Jade. 25 Feb 2018


The always-entertaining Bubble Show duo is back this year with a fresh new production: Milkshake and the Bubble Flower.  Winter is here and Milkshake's bubble flower is in

peril, slowing losing its petals and in desperate need of more bubbles to help it survive the cold.  Milkshake must find Dr Bubble and convince him to help before it's too late!


Dr Bubble (Kurt Murray) and Milkshake (Iulia Benze) are a much-loved fringe highlight for pre- and primary school aged children.  Each year their set is brand new and always entertaining. 


They raise the bar this year with a pantomime-themed story that has a gorgeous soundtrack and loads of slapstick comedy.   The show alternates nicely between bubble action and story line with a mix that keeps the young audience engaged and happy.  The dramatic soundtrack creates a sense of anticipation and atmosphere.


Murray and Benz are seasoned children's performers and know how to keep the energy alive.  Benz has fantastic characterisation and is very lovable on stage.  Murray is a true bubble master, conjuring giant-sized air balloons, bubbles within bubbles (within bubbles), towers of foam, and smoke-filled spheres that "poof" before your eyes.


The tricks are bigger and better this year with more complexity and, of course, amazement.  This does result in a slightly lower success rate, but nobody is complaining.  The audience are engrossed and love the drama and theatrics of it all.


Highly recommend for all youngsters and the young-at-heart.  For the more mature bubble lovers among us, this duo also present a late night, adults-only version.  Leave the kids at home for that one!


Nicole Russo


4 Stars 


When: 25 Feb to 18 Mar

Where: The Jade

Bookings: adelaidefringe.com.au