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This Gaming Life Tripod Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2016Tripod with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Festival Theatre. 11 Jun 2016


Cabaret has a unique way of encouraging performers to lay bare their hidden inner demons for all to see, and for Yon, Scod and Gatesy it has afforded them the opportunity to explore their gaming demons. They are gaming nerds and, if you are to ask Dr. Yon, even addicts.


The premise of the show surrounds the trio’s love for gaming and music, but it is taken to a whole new level with the addition of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Under the skilful direction of Austin Wintory, Grammy-nominated composer for games such as Journey, Assassins Creed Syndicate and Leisure Suit Larry, the stage is set for an awesome collaboration.


All of the usual Tripodisms are there; wonderful parodies of everyday events; friendly banter; amusing digs at each other; and toe tapping tunes with wonderful harmonies. A previous knowledge of games and gaming life is required, however, and if you are only there for classic Tripod antics, you may come away disappointed.


The irony is of course, that those who would get the most from this show aren’t at the cabaret – no, they are at home, sitting in the dark with snacks and drinks at the ready, playing the very games Tripod are singing about!


Paul Rodda


When: 11 Jun

Where: Festival Theatre

Bookings: Closed  

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