Interview: Bridie Connell

bridie connellBridie Connell - Places, People! Adelaide Fringe


With the Adelaide Fringe now open, and many shows underway, Paul caught up with Bridie Connell to talk about her one woman show, 'Places, People!' which opens in Adelaide in March 2013.


In the brand new solo character comedy Bridie takes a close up look at the people who’ll do anything for a close up. Stars, starlets, and those who are just one lucky break away from getting a walk on role in a daytime soap collide in a fresh, funny look at life upon the wicked stage.


Fresh from her sell-out debut season at the Sydney Fringe festival, Bridie is a NSW theatresports champion and award winning playwright! The show is directed by Rebecca De Unamuno.


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When: 20 to 23 March

Where: The Bakehouse Theatre