The Transatlantics - Find My Way Home

Second LP - Find My Way Home


Journey with these kids back to the old school, let their impeccably smooth vocals join you on a spring evening, crack a bottle of red wine and prance around the kitchen with your spouse. The Transatlantics are back and bigger than ever, introducing their sophomore album Find My Way Home – the ultimate feel good album. These crazy cats are taking the country by storm with the Adelaide 10-piece producing a modern flirt with some juicy old school soul and motown. It is the triumphant trio of epic female pipes that make this creation stand out from the rest as such raw power and passion trickles through every note that dances from the mouths of these sisters of soul.

This selection of tunes is the band's take on southern soul, gliding through sincere and heartfelt narrative, taking an approach of maturity beyond their years through the art of storytelling. This collection will send you frolicking around like a motown back-up dancer as they shed a zesty twist on the classics, sprinkling in just the right amount of Transatlantic flavour to make a cracker of an album for the collaboration.

The Transatlantics are a band about town, several towns infact. They have spread their sound far and wide and rightfully earned Triple J’s title of ‘Next Crop’ in 2010. It’s only up from there with a bit of Falls Festival, a bit of Big Day Out, who knows what’s next for these clever kids? Keep your beady little eye on this collection of freshly cropped talent who are quickly becoming the modern day barometers of soul across the country. They have spent the last twelve months concocting this little collection and the result meets expectations, hell, it even has lunch with expectations.

If The Transatlantics sound this smooth on record, its no wonder their highly acclaimed shows have been so widely commended. Make sure you pop on down and peruse their glorious live show at the almighty Gov on Friday the 23rd of November - just glorious. Let Find My Way Home find its way to your stereo and make sure it never leaves. This could easily become the soundtrack for every Sunday of the rest of your life.

Sharni Honor


When: 23 Nov 2012

Where: The Gov

Bookings: moshtix.com.au