Circle - The Middle

Running In Circles

Hailing from Enmore, Sydney based Indie-pop band ‘Circle’ have sent the musical minds of Australia running around in circles of appreciation with their latest release, ‘The Middle’. This collection of tunes is a ten-track exploration of layered harmonies over uplifting Indie electro-pop riffs that will put you in a good place, mentally and physically. Just try and be depressed whilst listening to these tunes, seriously, try it.

If the album’s mood wasn’t uplifting enough, make sure you listen to the track ‘I Believe’. The name of this song says it all, it’s time to believe; believe in retro sounds, believe in joyous lyrics and above all, believe in horn sections.

Throughout the first track ‘The Middle’ there is this groovy undercurrent of 90’s electro which makes you want to bust out some Chuck Taylor’s and sport a range of outrageous scrunchies - please try and resist the urge.  Whether you’re hungry for a boogie tune to shake your baba-ganoush to, or a few slow jams to embrace mellow moods, ‘The Middle’ has it all, weaving in and out of these sounds like a musical crochet.

In addition to providing blissful sound-butterflies fluttering around your eardrums, ‘Circle’ has bigger fish to fry. These kids have just been named band ambassadors for the upcoming Fender Music Foundation campaign. Do you remember that classic video of those crazy lads on treadmills, ‘OK GO’? These guys were the previous ambassadors and now ‘Circle’ have jumped into their shoes (which were probably still on a treadmill) doing a choreographed dance in festive outfits. The creation of a video clip is part of the deal, and ‘Circle’ have chosen to take a different approach with their track of choice ‘All The People’, a heart aching ballad which hones in on the importance of music in one’s life. After all, everyone needs majestic sounds in their daily happenings. The soon to be released film clip is going to be a showcase piece for the campaign and aims to highlight these exact messages. What an epic way to celebrate music!

So why become ambassadors to the Fender Music Foundation I hear you ask? Okay so, you’ve heard about Fender – something to do with guitars and you’ve heard about music (at least I really hope so!) - These guys work side by side with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation to educate primary school children about all things music. That’s where ‘Circle’ comes in, via the release of their upcoming video clip; they hope to raise some moolah (money) to fund this foundation, spreading musical love across the country.

Not only are the ‘Circle’ creating good sounds, but they are helping a worthy cause. What a combo, it’s like the peanut butter and jelly sandwich of the music industry! So have a bite, chew down these tasteful sounds, spit out some cash and bask in your rays of self-satisfaction after doing a good deed for the day, all for the pleasure of listening to joyous tunes of ‘Circle’. Ah Bliss.

Sharni Honor

Web: ilovecircle.com

1.  The Middle - 4.12
2.  Fashion me a Drum - 5.07
3.  Gorgeous - 3.55
4.  I Believe - 3.37
5.  2020 Vision - 2.54
6.  Hold - 4.12
7.  Oh my Heart - 3.07
8.  Half Race Girls - 3.30
9.  All the People - 4.18
10. Ready to Dance - 4.08

Circle - Fasion Me A Drum