Craig Hill - Why Don't You Come Down The Front?

The Garden of Unearthly Delights. 16 Mar 2012

Good stand-up comedians know how to read and respond to their audiences–give ‘em what they want.  Great stand-ups can virtually abandon their script and replace it with the opportunities that the audience presents them.  Craig Hill has that talent in spade loads and his audience last night was an absolute ripper!  He mercilessly mined and milked them for everything they had, and gave an object lesson to other stand-ups.  But why on God’s earth would anyone sit in the front row? The title of the show made it quite clear that no-one was really safe from his lightning fast and razor sharp wit.

Craig Hill is a Scot, and he is gay.  He proudly wears a pink kilt on stage, with a right bouncy sporran, and a T-shirt emblazoned with “I luv men in kilts”.  It should therefore be of no surprise that much of his script is about what it is to be gay, and it gets quite crude at times.  But if the very with-it eighty-plus-year-old lady in the front row wasn’t offended, and the two oh-so-straight guys who were press ganged onto the stage to learn how to dance like one does in the Mars Bar weren’t, then nor should anyone.

This sort of humour can get tiresome, but Hill didn’t let it.  Every minute was fresh and loaded with risqué laughs, and the audience revelled in it and gladly shook his hand on the way out of the venue, even though that’s how you can catch gayness!!

Highly recommended.

Kym Clayton

When: Closed
Where: The Garden of Unearthly Delights
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