British solo acoustic/folk singer/songwriter Mike Rosenberg, who goes by the moniker of his old band, Passenger, has charmed the socks off Australia in recent years. In the last couple of years he's gravitated to Australian shores, touring and recording with the the absolute cream of Australian popular musicians like Lior, Josh Pyke, Katie Noonan, Boy & Bear, Kate Miller Heidke, Philadelphia Grand Jury, Brian Campeau and Elana Stone, Matt Corby, Jess Chalker and Dead Letter Chorus- for a travelling nomad; an incredible feat. His secret? Well, he's one hell of a talented performer, and probably the nicest guy you'll ever meet.

Passenger caught up with Your Take Sessions before one of his last shows in Australia from his stint in 2011. The song "Bullets" is thus far unreleased, but is sure to become a fan favourite with the release of Passenger's next record



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