Paul Capsis

Make Me A King.

Cabaret Festival. The Space Theatre – 15 to 17 Jun.

The incredibly eccentric, mysterious showman is self-confessedly somewhere between Rhonda Burchmore on crack and an escapee from The Rocky Horror Picture Show in his latest tour ‘Make Me A King’. Walking the fine line between genius and lunatic he covers some of the biggest singing divas of all time, impersonating and recreating them to perfection. Starting early with the Nina Simone hit song ‘Feeling Good’ Capsis moves on to cover Judy Garland, Billie Holiday and more.

Working the Space Theatre stage with an odd kind of inescapable energy Capsis gyrates, shakes and wobbles to the Jazz arrangements by Pianist Alister Spence. Supported by a 3 piece band including Spence on piano, Capsis is also joined by Lloyd Swanton on Bass Guitar and Toby Hall on Drums and Percussion.

Other well-known songs that get a work over with the famous Capsis style included songs by REM and Garbage. Capsis performed in incredibly high heels and a sequined jacket with fingerless leather gloves and a ribbon of eye makeup, a look which encapsulates his whole performance.

A musical chameleon, Capsis lets the soul of the artists he covers inhabit him in what he describes as “channelling” them.

Dissapointingly, Capsis was delayed in his arrival to Adelaide and had to cancel earlier shows in his run due to the ominous ash cloud, which he cleverly referenced in the show, mentioning “ash on the brain” on more than one occasion.

Capsis was loved by the audience as he joked and laughed. A charismatic performer, this is definitely a show you should try to see if you ever get another chance. He is definitely different, but also a very talented and an incredibly entertaining artist.

Paul Rodda