Changing the Pace

Presented by Pearson, Prodea, Lloyd and Dempsey. The Butterfly House

A relaxed cabaret evening at the Butterfly House is definitely in order when the four performers of Changing the Pace take to the stage.

Michelle Pearson, Lindsay Prodea, Brady Lloyd, and Kate Dempsey give their audience 1 hour 20 minutes of well-loved songs from their repertoire of favorites. Loosely themed, the show jumps around a bit in terms of a narrative, but it is clear that the performers are having fun, and so is the audience.

Songs included Superstitious, The Facebook Song, Joyful Joyful and Harry Connick Jr.’s Whisper Your Name. There were some very personal choices in the song selection, all were great tunes but not all necessarily made great performance pieces.

There was some opportunity for improvement in the sound department. The four performers, with varying voice strength and quality continually rotated microphones, which meant a good sound balance was never established, some obviously beautiful harmonies were therefore lost – individual sound checked levels would have really benefited the show.

This is a great show which would benefit from the eyes of a director to perfect and polish, but this un-polished gem is still a pleasure to watch!

Sit back, grab a glass of vino and enjoy the cabaret vibe as these four consummate performers provide a light and entertaining evening at the Butterfly House.

Paul Rodda