Bec Hill

Didnt Want To Play Your Stupid Game Anyway

Roly Poly Grandma Productions. Rhino Room - Mar 1 to 12

A well orchestrated set, but the laughs could have been thicker.

Set in the familiar Fringe comedy venue the Rhino Room, Bec Hill pulled a good audience. Off the back of her 5 star reviewed Edinburgh tour she Themed her show around growing up and moving on into adulthood, the set is entitled "Bec Hill Didn't Want To Play Your Stupid Game Anyway". With a variety of media including flip charts and props Hill takes her audience on a comedic journey through dealing with new babies, old school friends and working in customer service. The comedy is all very intelligent and well timed, but the laughs are a little to spaced out. Still the audience seemed to love it, and the Australian born, Brit living comedian had the vibe lifted and the audience jovial throughout - even with her psuedo English accent. Not quite achingly funny, but definitely worth the price of admission!

Paul Rodda