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A Kabarett by Kim Smith

Art Space 16 to 18 June

Set in the intimate venue of the art space gallery, a lone pianist plays a sultry circus like prelude. … Our singer, entering though the audience sings a version of "Nature Boy", the eerie, sultry and haunting sounds prepare for a night a true cabaret!

Kym David Smith sings well-known songs in his own unique cabaret style: songs such as "You keep me hanging on" by Kym Wilde. Smith keeps the audience cruising along, with quips and jokes in-between songs. The show is stylistically similar to the themes of the Baz Luhrmann’s film Moulin Rouge. Smith’s focus is intense and unwavering. His commitment is without grievance.

In cabaret there are few less committed to character than Smith. Attractively arrogant, Smith leaves his audience no choice but to like his self-indulgent humour. Singing cabaret in combinations of English, French and German, one song seems to morph into the next seamlessly - perhaps this was his inspiration for the title of the show.

Other famous songs included "Once upon a summer time" by Barbara Streisand and some of German cabaret artist Ute Lemper’s songs. Smith, who was born in Australia but is now based in America, gave a wonderful performance, in true cabaret style, then closed the show with a saucy rendition of "Somewhere over the rainbow" in German.

Paul Rodda