Coles Girls

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Eventful Divas. Star Theatres.

Cole’s Girls is the brainchild of performers David Gauci and Michael Lindner. It is a dragtastic bastardisation of the music and lyrics of Cole Porter, with hilarious consequences!

Think Magda Szubanski’s character Lyn Postlethwaite from Fast Forward singing the hits of Cole Porter and your pretty much on the money here. Lysa Nads (Lindner) and Leesa Alopecia are checkout chicks who have definitely checked out! The former is in love with herself and everything sex, the latter is emotionally overwhelmed by her weight issues and love for Lisa McCune and John Woods, but together they give each other purpose and meaning. When a chance opportunity arrives to audition as hosts of the newest up-and-coming game show, McCuneatunity, the girls jump at the chance.

With support from Josh Penley, Amy Hutchison and Sarah Laing, Gauci and Lindner couldn’t go wrong. This is their third tour of the production and the laughs were a plenty. Performed in the intimate cathedral venue of Star Theatres, this show is a night of hilarity, for the whole family – except perhaps those under 12 years. A fantastic performance by all not to be missed.

Paul Rodda