Ahh Celebrity Scene

Impro Now - March 2007

This 90 minutes of comedy is loosely based on the television show ‘Thank God You’re Here’, and showcases 5 comedians or actors currently performing their own shows in the Fringe. The evening is divided amongst the 5 personalities who come out and introduce themselves to the audience and offer a small ‘bite sized piece’ of the show they are performing in the Fringe, followed by an improvised scene which they know nothing about. Audience participation is encouraged of course!

The venue is an intimate little church lined with timber pews, perfect size and style for this kind of production but perhaps lacking in cushions, as the 90 minute run with no interval starts to have you literally on the edge of your seat looking for a little relief from the timber slats.

The evening is hosted by Tracey Corsten who manages to hold the show together with her own brand of wit, entertaining the audience with a few jokes and anecdotes whilst the performers are preparing for their scenes. Appearances we made by Tracey Davis, Ben Darso and Kate Burr, with standout improvisations by Jason Chong and Phill Howie, who’s comic timing and warped sense of humor make for some very funny moments on the stage.

Supporting performers were strong and held the scenes together very expertly as the guest performers worked their way through the scenes changing direction without notice and heading off on a comic tangent.

Improvised comedy is like car racing for thespians, enthusiasts go to the races to see a car crash, theatre goers head to impro to see experienced performers get caught out in a situation they can’t control! If you’re looking for a night of light comedy where anything can happen, then I suggest you check this one out!

Paul Rodda