Educating Rita

Mixed Salad Productions - July 2007

Rita is vibrant, and eager to understand. Understand poetry, literature and criticism and so surreptitiously begins tutelage with the morose Frank Bryant. Frank, a failed poet and lecturer who has resigned himself to a life of empty lectures and booze, has his world turned upside down by Rita. He is excited by her unique views of the world, her language, acute observations and just by her. This is a powerful story of self discovery and the freedom of choice - to choose the song you will sing.

Playing in the lead role of Rita is the accomplished and award winning Nicole Rutty. Rutty is always a pleasure to watch and this production is no exception. Her Rita is dynamic and lively. There are lucid moments of madness when through the gabble comes wonderful truths cleverly interwoven into the script by the playwright Willy Russell.

Mixed Salad Productions Co-founder and award winning actor Dave Simms plays opposite Rutty. Simms performance is a powerful archetype of the disconsolate and depressive Frank. He clearly struggles with giving Rita the education and understanding she desires, whilst trying desperately not to destroy her natural insight.

As audiences of Mixed Salad Productions have come to expect the Setting, Lighting and costumes all excelled, as did the infamous opening night feast, in keeping with the themes of the play. With a few opening night nerves ironed out, this will be a wonderful show. A credit to the production team and a great night of theatre.

Paul Rodda