Signor Baffo

Signor Baffo Adelaide Fringe 2024

Adelaide Fringe. Interactive Theatre International. Ukiyo, Gluttony. 18 Feb 2024


The thing kids really love about theatre is being involved in it. Oh, and slapstick. This show has both in spades, and literally had kids rolling around on the floor.


Signor Figaro is the head chef, and today he has called in sick. Signor Baffo, currently the head (possibly only?) dishwasher takes the call to close the restaurant for the day, but at the urging of the audience, decides to realise his dreams and create the food on the menu. How hard can it be?


The thing is, no matter how much you rehearse a children’s show, the moment you invite them on stage it’s anyone’s game. That’s often the delight with this genre, and Signor Baffo did not disappoint. In attempting to prepare runner beans (cue sight gag here) and make a sausage roll (no guesses required here), Baffo involved everyone in his hapless attempts to get this right. There were a few flat moments, but once he got into the meat balls and spaghetti all was forgiven. Tennis will never be the same again!


But it was the pancake making exercise that shone for the little ones. As the uncontrollable pair of wacky brothers stole the scene, rolling around the flour dusted floor, Baffo improvised brilliantly, pulling everyone back into line, though not always for very long! Getting children to lay eggs, taking baby milk from the audience for the pancake mix and finally tossing them every which way, he had those short people in the palm of his rubber glove clad hand.


A most entertaining hour in the kitchen, enjoyed by kids and adults alike!


Arna Eyers-White


When: 18 Feb to 17 Mar

Where: Ukiyo, Gluttony