Crème de la Crème

Creme de la creme Caberet Fringe 20241/2

Adelaide Fringe. The Vault / Fools Paradise. 17 Feb 2024


After queueing for quite some time the assembled throng was informed about a knife throwing act in the performance. This, we were told, was something to take note of, and we were admonished to not stand or make sudden movements during the act. It is sage advice with which to live your life.


The performance began 20 minutes late. My advice is ‘Don’t start late’. Especially in a festival packed with acts one after another.


And they were revealed, hastened onstage one after another by an MC whose name I did not catch. Somewhat sketchy audio aside, he did a pretty good job of whipping up the crowd hysteria, firstly for juggler Richard Sullivan who was excellent. With no time to catch our breath it was revealed Act 2 was the celebrated and aforementioned knife throwing Jess and his ‘voluptuous assistant’ Aja. The words are mine, the sentiment associated with macho strutting knife throwing at posing woman entirely his. To each their own I suppose; I thought it was poor.


Max & Simon from Only Bones contributed the idea of a vocal stylist doofing accompaniment to an excellent acrobatic display. The power in this guy's body had to be seen to be believed. I’ve never seen close-mic doof with acrobatics before, so there’s that.


An absolute highlight greeted us at the midpoint of the show; a suspended rigid pole brought Danny Golding to the stage. Hypnotic, sinuous and sensuous, Golding wrapped and climbed his way into some amazing poses and seemed to do so effortlessly. As he finished, he flicked the pole as he walked offstage, a deliberate little movement which said “I came, I saw, I showed you a little of what I can do.” Amazing.


With some help from a member of the audience (Jamie, and yes, it was a raucous audience on a warm Saturday evening) our MC got in on the performance with a ladder act. I forgot to take notes. I also was remiss in noting the suspended acrobatic work of Jessica Robbins, save that it was precise, outstanding and entrancing, and I most definitely did not take notes during Dr McQueef’s expose on vaginal flatulence. Yes, you read that correctly. Vaginal flatulence. A plastic recorder, the sort kids play in school, was involved. You should understand the kids do not play their recorders in the way this one was, errrr, tooted.


To conclude a show which promised so much and delivered some (it is, after all, billed as Crème de la Crème) Harley took to the stage and gave us a robust acrobatic workout from the suspended straps. Very well received, though I gained the impression the audience were still pondering what they had seen previously.


Alex Wheaton


When: 17 Feb to 16 Mar

Where: The Vault / Fools Paradise