Oscar-Winning Improv

Oscar Winning Improv adelaide fringe 2023

Changing Jennifers. 18 March 2023


This is one continuous laugh-out-loud fun fest! These four amigos: Sam Calleja, Eden Trebilco, Sam Hobbs-Griffin and Will Mellor were fast and furious on my night of spontaneously improvising the movie, Speed. Your night would be a different Oscar-winning movie but with the same expertise.


The self-proclaimed “improvisational titans” have huge experience at the Edinburgh Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival. On stage, they know each other so well I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d wear each other’s underpants without complaining if they had to. Secret signaling is the secret in great improv. Not only are they quick on their feet, the physical comedy, voiced sound effects and terrific tropes make everything clear. You can only wonder and laugh at such alacrity all done with tongue-in-cheek cheerfulness. Bravo!


David Grybowski


When: 18 Feb to 19 Mar

Where: The Bally @ Gluttony

Bookings: adelaidefringe.com.au