Out Of Chaos…

Out or Chaos Adelaide FestivalAdelaide Festival and Gravity & Other Myths. Scott Theatre. 1 Mar 2019


The physical theatre company, Gravity & Other Myths, is a big South Australian success story. Their show in the 2016 Adelaide Fringe, A Simple Space, so impressed the Adelaide Festival’s artistic directors, Neil Armfield and Rachel Healy, that they offered them a gig in the big tent of the Festival the following year. And that show, Backbone, was so well received that they return to the Festival presently with the world premiere production of Out Of Chaos….


This is amazing and refreshingly different physical theatre performance. Director Darcy Grant aims to break down the barrier between the eight acrobats (that’s what they call themselves) and the audience, and this is accomplished admirably with insights into the performers’ thoughts through spontaneous interviewing by Grant himself. Local lighting designer Geoff Cobham dims a variety of illumination in creative ways rendering a pleasingly engaging and mysterious atmosphere. With the loose street clothing and free commentary, an illusion of attending an informal rehearsal and chatting with the performers is palpable. Yet, make no mistake; injury-defying tumbling is taking place with choreographed precision. Dance mutates into dangerous physicality and contests of wills. Who will last longer, the ladies in one-handed stands or a lingering uttered note. You will gasp and applaud with admiration.


Part of the simple approach of the troupe is that very few props are employed – a hoop number, and occasionally a lot of round tables. Quick jumps into shoulder stands are remarkable, but exchanging bodies between trees in a forest of triple shoulder stands is pretty outstanding. You share the trepidation of free-standing precariously three people high and the relief of having feet on the floor as the strong bottom rung. People are propelled and flying in theme with the company name – gravity and other myths – but must also be caught with only a net of absolute trust.


An outstanding ticket for the whole family. Bravo!


David Grybowski

5 Stars


When: 27 Feb to 6 Mar

Where: Scott Theatre

Bookings: adelaidefestival.com.au