Kate Middleton Show Queen

Adelaide Fringe. La Boheme. 19 Feb 2013

I was enticed to attend by the blurb – an opportunity to find out what it like to be Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.  Writer and performer Katie Reddin-Clancy does this in such an oblique way, I didn’t get it until the next morning.  She instead gave us a fair description of what it’s like to be an actor and looking for love; and incidentally, one of her gigs is to imitate Kate at public events when the Duchess is otherwise indisposed.

However, Katie is a fair resemblance of the Duchess so it’s easy to imagine what Kate might have been like on her days off before she met her prince; it brings her considerably down-to-earth.  This deceit wouldn’t have worked nearly as well if Katie wasn’t such a doppelganger of the Duchess.

Katie is a stand-up comic and this is her first solo theatrical performance.  She exudes a vivacious and attractive personality, and couches it in a number of amusing female roles individualised by costumes, mannerisms and terrific vocalisations.  I didn’t always get the drift of the purpose of the characters - or even the narrative arc of the evening - but they were amusing nonetheless. 

The session ends with a bit of stand up and some expositional material, but my experience at the Fringe is that things aren’t always as they seem, so I didn’t believe a word of it.  An amusing evening of smoke and mirrors.

David Grybowski

When: 19 to 24 Feb
Where: La Boheme
Bookings: adelaidefringe.com.au