Stephen K Amos – The Spokesman

The Arts Theatre. 19 Feb 2013

It’s fairly safe to say the Stephen K Amos has now become an institution in my personal fringe programming selection. Every year he comes, and every year I make a point of seeing his show. So it is also fair to say I have pretty solid expectations; and every year Amos does not disappoint. Ranking as one of my all-time favourite comedians, my anticipation was high in the lead up to this year’s show - entitled “The Spokesman”. 

In his usual Adelaide venue, The Arts Theatre, Amos once again rallied a capacity crowd for his opening night performance. With a clipboard in hand, he warned the audience that he was testing some new jokes out on us, and the successful ones would receive a tick and “go into the real show.” Garnering a hearty laugh for this comment, he immediately ticked the first joke off of his list and we were on our way!

An early segue forced by some audience interaction was the highlight of the night; Amos hearing for the first time what an Echidna was (it’s not the same size as the one on the 5 cent piece folks) and creating a wonderful section of adlib with the crowd.

Unfortunately a few of the jokes on the list did fizzle, and the middle of the routine dropped a little too much for my liking. But in true Amos style a completely inappropriate gag involving a 12 year old member of the audience was just around the bend, and things were quickly back on track.

Overall the show was a little hit-and-miss. Some of the one-liners fell a little flat, and hopefully Amos was really taking notes! I still loved the show however, and despite not laughing as hard or as heartily as at past shows, I have no doubt I will be back again next year, sitting packed in like a sardine in the Arts Theatre to hear just what he’ll come up with next!

Paul Rodda

When: 18 Feb to 17 Mar
Where: The Arts Theatre