10 Things I Know About You

The Big Slapple - Apollo Theatre. 3 Mar 2012

Simon Taylor is a post grad student with a BA in psychology, and his show '10 Things I Know About You' is 50 minutes of amusing observations, improvised songs, and creative dance interludes based on his experiences and a few wild assumptions he has made about humanity.

This show has a perfectly structured routine, which conforms to all of the conventions of comedy - with great timing and excellent production values. Having said that however Simon Taylor would perhaps be better described as an entertainer rather than a comedian. Not because he is not funny - but rather because he is funny in a less conventional manner - and on the whole far better as an entertainer.

Taylor plays the piano, the guitar, does card tricks and dance tricks and cleverly involves the audience in his "myth time" sessions and improv. Everyone in the audience really enjoyed the show and, although the laughs were more scattered than a traditional standup routine, left feeling energized and excited.

This piece of the Adelaide Fringe is definitely worth your consideration. Check out this show for a light hearted wrap up of the 10 things Simon Taylor knows about you - I wouldnt want to spoil the fun by giving it away.

Paul Rodda

When: 4 Mar to 11 Mar
Where: The Big Slapple - Apollo Theatre
Bookings: www.adelaidefringe.com.au