Ennio Marchetto

enio marchetto small

A One Man Living Cartoon - Dunstan Playhouse

An empty stage, a single player, and a myriad of two dimensional costumes create the all miming all physical extravaganza that is Ennio Marchetto. No-one escapes parody as Marchetto mimes his way through a plethora of popular songs and movie themes. Celene Dion, ABBA, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Cher - the list goes on. Even Stevie Wonder makes an appearance with dreadlocks, dark glasses, keyboard and all! Marchetto has designed clever costumes from coloured card that allow him to effortlessly transform from one character to the next right in front of our eyes, by folding, sticking and unhinging cardboard flaps and faces. The audience loves it, clapping along and laughing heartily. Marchetto delivers and entertaining and sometimes politically aware commentary on popular culture. An hour of laughs and frivolity that shouldn't be missed.

Paul Rodda