Drum Tao

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Drum Tao

Her Majesty's Theatre

Drum Tao have literally "hit" Adelaide again for the third time in four years!
Off the back of sellout audiences in Australia and Edinburgh it's not hard to see why this troop of Japanese drummers is so popular.
The acrobatic, high energy, complicated drumming skills of the artists incorporates a Japanese form of Martial Art, which is unmistakably difficult.
Each of the performers demonstrates outstanding stamina and fitness. The personalities of the artists really shine through, and it is clear that they love what they are doing. Each of the performances was truly genuine, and shared a unique and exciting part of the Japanese culture.

Other instruments played included traditional horns, xylophones, hand cymbals and string instruments. But by far the most impressive was the flag and stick twirling of the martial artists. Twirling multiple sticks at high speed there is very little room for error, in the fast high-energy routines.

The unconventional theatre audience made it clear that this show can be appreciated by everyone, and it was. The audience were screaming and cheering the drummers on, and a standing ovation was a fitting finish for the skilled artists. Slower numbers incorporated a deep tribal drum beat and were accompanied by a wistful reed flute. The effect was reminiscent of a movie sound track played under footage of rolling hills and wide-open landscapes.Drum Tao

The impressive instruments towered over the performers in some cases; drums up to 6 feet wide were played, and towered to over 10 feet tall on their stands. Some of the lighting was disappointing and washed out the stage in some scenes, but this issue barely distracted from the performance onstage.
These drummers are absolutely in their element on stage, and their quirky, fun attitudes made the performance really accessible for the audience, breaking the fourth wall and making everyone feel involved.

A fantastic night’s entertainment, which must be seen to be believed.

Paul Rodda