Hans, The Showpony Tour

Mars Bar - March 2008

Bursting onto the stage in hot pants, purple hat and feather is Hans, star reporter for NOVA 91.9 and burlesques performer. Hans is…. Well Hans is Hans, camp, outrageous, conceited and fabulous! Matt Gilbertson who plays the character could be forgiven for forgetting where Matt ends and Hans begins.

Supported by the Ungrateful Bastards, a backup band comprising members of well known Adelaide cover band Triple Score, and flanked by 2 gorgeous dancing girls, sisters Kendall and Courtney, Hans takes popular songs, re-writes the lyrics and weaves them into a story full of one liners and audience expense jokes – and it works! Light hearted entertainment that left the audience tapping their feat and shaking their booty. 3 STARS

Paul Rodda